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Unique SIMs the leading provider of gold mobile phone numbers, assign to any UK mobile operator of choice, whether you are on a ‘Pay Monthly’ contract or as a ‘Pay As You Go’ SIM card. We have an extensive range to choose from, catering for all persons budgets.

Why get stuck with that randomly assigned number when you have the ability to choose, create, design something that has meaning to you, after all we live in a personalised world.

The possibilities are endless - Alphanumeric, landline match, favourite digits, consecutive's, special meaning, or maybe you fancy buying a mobile number that is easy to remember.

Often referred to as Gold Mobile Numbers, an industry term referring to a set of digits that are easily memorised, there are many different variations across countries to its name, the benefits remain the same whether for business or personal use.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why Buy from Unique SIMs?
    There are many websites on the market to date but only one website that is taking the market by storm, we are one of the original mobile numbers specialists, and are now one of the fastest mobile number sellers in the UK, we have a fast turn around in processing orders, handling mobile numbers requested, after sale support, combined with the most reliable sources, making Unique SIMs the leading online retailer for unique mobile numbers / gold mobile numbers. With a massive range to choose from, and a competitive edge to constantly drive down the cost of the gold number!
  • What are Gold mobile numbers or Gold numbers?
    The term unique, silver, gold, golden, platinum, special mobile numbers, all represent a scale to determine its associated value, differentiation based on the sequences within. There are many different types of formations that include some of the following 123 123 or doubles 88 55 22 (3 times doubles) 10 10 10 or (three matching repeats), 333 222 (triple triple) and numbers that form a consecutive pattern 123456 known as a (count up) or (count down) 654321.

    Matching six digits or more 777777, 888888, 000000 for example represent the high end of these prestigious numbers, inclusive of the prefix creates a rarer combination, and thus more valuable as there are fewer per prefix release.
  • Why do I need a Gold mobile phone number?
    Having a unique mobile phone number has many advantages, here are just a few of the great benefits for buying gold mobile phone numbers.

    1. Easy for you, family / friends / colleagues to remember.
    2. Lucrative opportunity, great on point of sale marketing, business cards, leaflets, banners, websites, email signatures etc...
    3. Make an impact with your clients, be remembered.
    4. A meaningful symbolic unique mobile phone number for you or loved ones.
    5. Fed up with changing your mobile numbers and want to keep your gold number for life.


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Excellent and trustworthy, fast delivery and great communications, a unique package indeed.

— W Archer

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