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Customise My Mobile Number

Personalised Mobile Number service allows you to purchase any customised last 6 digits of the mobile number.

You may then if you wish transfer the mobile number to a new/existing contract or payg SIM card on ANY network by the use of a PAC (port authorisation code).

From start to finish, the process is simple...

  1. Choose your 6 digit formation mobile number(s).
  2. Purchase using the easy and secure online checkout process.
  3. We dispatch allocated to the issuing payg network for easy transferring and provide you with a PAC (port authorisation code) should you wish to transfer into a new/existing contract/payg SIM card. Check with your service provider first to ensure they will accept a PAC to change your existing mobile number.
  4. If you would like to transfer the mobile number to another network (contract or payg) follow the simple written instructions enclosed with your order.
  5. On receipt of your prepay SIM card, activate by topping up and make a outbound call or provide the PAC enclosed to your chosen mobile operator, known as porting
  6. If porting to another mobile operator the transfer usually takes upto 24 hours to complete replacing your existing mobile number.
  7. *Prices start from as listed, in the event there is a prefix (07***) that makes up a more memorable / desirable combination including the suffix (last 6 digits), we will email you multiple options within 24 hours of checkout with standard prefix options (price as shown, subject to availability) and premium prefix options (extra cost, subject to availability). You will then have the option to pay the difference should you wish to go for a more desirable prefix or full refund should a standard option be unavailable at that point in time.
  8. If you wish to know the full mobile number prior to making a purchase please use the following link.
    create a number following the written information provided.

Please note: Completed number request orders take priority over requesting to know available prefix options.

If you require certain digits NOT to be within the prefix i.e. no 4's this can be arranged subject to availability.

Please note:

While we endeavor to process your custom number request asap, please be aware that due to the nature of this service it can take up to 2 working days.

We are allocating a new mobile number directly from the major networks, the networks response time for completion is within 48 hours from point of allocation, activation and PAC generation.

Your order is then processed via the chosen delivery option specified at checkout.

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