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Choose your mobile number - The key benefits.


Date: Thursday 8th March 2012

Remembering yours and others mobile numbers is becoming increasingly difficult as technology is ever growing. Streamlining emails, mobile numbers, addresses etc. can be an arduous task to remember, with a competitive business and personal world we live, making a good impression and impact on potential clients can be assisted if you choose your own mobile number; this is where having a personal, unique mobile number can help. An easy custom mobile number to remember and one that sticks in people’s minds are imperative as the technological world evolves.

There was a time when Gold Numbers, also referred to as Special Mobile Numbers were only affordable to the rich and famous, but because of the unique opportunity to offer the latest Gold mobile numbers to customers at a fraction of the cost, the price of Gold numbers has reduced remarkably based on the increasing level of demand, in turn reducing the cost, making them more affordable for everyone.

Gold numbers is the most widely used term in the mobile industry, however there are many terms used to reference personalised mobile numbers. One of the services we provide allows you to customise the last 6 digits of your mobile phone numbers, with a million combinations per prefix. Choose mobile numbers from an extensive database that is easily viewable via the website.

Make your mobile numbers easy to remember for your customers if you are a business or your friends and family if you are an individual. Gold numbers can be ported/transferred to your chosen network provider on either contract or pay as you go, quickly and efficiently.

All personal mobile numbers that we offer work in the exactly the same way as your usual mobile phone numbers, starting with 074, 075, 077, 078, 079 followed by two pre-set digits, this is known as a prefix and it cannot be changed. Using our extensive knowledge these prefixes can be customised in most cases (subject to availability).

There are no on-going charges to assign your new unique phone number to your existing or new phone. Simply purchase your unique mobile number and away you go.

Choose mobile numbers that are easy for you and others to remember, or maybe consider using a date of an event for your mobile number or if you wish for your number to be memorable for customers then consider using digits that are consecutive, e.g. 1234 or double numbers 11 22. The more consecutive numbers included in your chosen number, the more expensive it will be, these numbers are referred to as Platinum Numbers.

Platinum Numbers are more expensive than Gold numbers as they contain similar digits etc. 111 or 222. Desirable mobile number sequences for the last 6 digits (also known as the suffix) can only occur a few times when attached to a prefix. EG if the Prefix is 07456 and you would like 111111 to be added to the end of the number, this can only occur once in every million mobile numbers issued, hence why these numbers are more expensive, to summarise;

The fewer the combinations available within a suffix and prefix combined the higher the cost associated.

If you are a business the advantages of having a unique number are:

1. Easy for your customers to remember - could drive more business to you. EG, customers wanting a taxi late at night, a number such as 22 22 22 are easy to remember, so they are more likely to call you than any other company.
2. Lucrative opportunity - They look great on point of sale marketing, business cards etc.
3. Make and impact with your clients and you will ensure you are easily remembered.
4. Match your landline number with your mobile number to synchronise the profile of your business.
5. Use alphanumeric words within your mobile number spelling your business name, industry, market sector etc.

If you are an individual the advantages of having a unique number are:

1. Buy a mobile number that makes a great unique gift for your loved ones
2. Fed up of changing your number and having to send messages to all of your contacts, keep your unique number for life.
3. Make an impact with your friends and be sure they will remember your number, even when they don’t have your contact information with them.
4. Customise your mobile phone number with digits that have relevance or/meaning to your life.
5. Match your landline number with your mobile number as family tend not to forget a family landline.
6. Use alphanumeric words within your mobile number spelling a name, place, team, and feeling.

There are some many ways to not only utilise a mobile number for your business to give presence in a particular market place, but also to have fun with creating your very own unique mobile number.

Personalisation of our lives has become of great importance to us in modern day lives, from personal number plates to personal mobile phone numbers.

Choose your own mobile number today, as we believe that everyone's requirements are different, everyone is unique.

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