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iPhone Vs Blackberry


Date: Friday 13th April 2012

Both the latest iPhone 4s and Blackberry Bold 9900 are very capable phones and are also aesthetically pleasing, but which one is best?

First looking at the aesthetics of both phones, it is very clear that they both look very crisp and modern however, the iPhone still looks sharper than the Blackberry with its one piece screen and glossy surfaces. The Blackberry still stands out with a bigger screen than previous models and the signature Blackberry keyboard tops other rivals. The Blackberry has an advantage over the iPhone with it's keyboard for the simple fact its very easy to use, with individual keys typing can be easier than that of a touch screen and less typing mistakes are made.

As for the screens and navigation, the iPhone is the easiest to use with large icons and simple design. The Blackberry navigation has improved with the release of the newest model. The introduction of a touch screen to the Blackberry Bold range alongside the track pad has maybe given it the edge. The track pad can be at times, difficult to work with but by changing the sensitivity in the settings you can personalise it to your preferred settings.

The iPhone offers a 3.5inch retina display which is the highest-resolution phone screen to date. Smaller than the iPhone, The Blackberry Bold has a 2.8-inch touch screen with an inferior resolution to the iPhone, this doesn't stop it looking impressive.

Both phones are way ahead of any other smart phone on the market, with the iphone and Blackberry holding the majority of the market share. Both phones offer great performance and battery life as well as innovative technology. The Blackberry shines above the iPhone with a 12.8 day standby time compared to the iPhone's 8.3 days. The processor may have an effect on the battery life as the iPhone has a advanced Dual-core A5 chip compared to the Blackberry's 1.2GHz.

Some people love their Blackberry all because of its unique feature known as BBM (Blackberry Messenger) this feature has its very own contact list and is an instant messenger service, allowing the user to see when the message is delivered, read and when the recipient is replying. You can also leave a BBM status so other users in the contact list can see what’s on your mind or what you are doing. Apple has fought back with its imessage, instead of adding different contacts to a separate contact list the iPhones imessage converts text messages into imessages instantly when sent to another iPhone's with the right software.

The cameras on both phones are impressive to say the least. The iPhone, to get straight to the point has a much better camera with its 8-megapixel and 1080p HD video recorder; what more can you need? The Blackberry has an adequate 5-megapixel camera and 720p HD video recorder which is still more than enough for a mobile phone. Both phones have a flash, face-detection and geo-tagging that really come in handy when on the move.

Although the iPhone beats the Blackberry when it comes to memory, the Blackberry has an impressive expandable microSD memory where you can insert memory into the designed slot. The iPhone is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB compared to the Blackberry, which features an internal memory of 8GB. Depending on the users needs, 8GB should still be enough.

Some people may think the iPhone has some features that make it stand out from the rest such as Siri. Siri (Speech Interception and Recognition Interface) is a cool personal assistant which was introduced as a new feature on the iPhone 4s. Siri can do things such as, set reminders, send a text and ask about the weather plus much more, all you need to do is ask. The iPhone also boasts a secondary camera on the front of the phone which can be used with Apple's facetime technology. Facetime is a revolutionary feature which allows you to see the person you are calling and they can see you, it is as clear as a web cam.

The Blackberry has many exciting features but as Apple's shares reached $600 this week, how can it keep up with the technology giant, Apple. Whichever phone you choose you can be sure you have the latest, most innovative smart phone on the market.

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