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iPhone 4s: Tips & Tricks


Date: Monday 30th April 2012

October 2011 saw the much awaited release of the iPhone 4s; with many people queuing for hours to be one of the first to own Steve Jobs’ last mobile phone. With new features Siri and iOS 5 this was a very exciting updated version of the already popular iPhone 4. These simple tips and tricks will teach you how you can get the most out of your iPhone 4s.


The most exciting and exclusive feature of the iPhone 4s is Siri. You will of found yourself playing about with this voice recognition device for hours and hours. Siri lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, make phone calls and much more, but how can you get the best from it? To see what Siri can do press and hold down the ‘Home’ button, then press the small ‘i’. You’ll see a detailed list of all the ways Siri can help you get things done. You can use Siri to set up your relationships, so if you tell Siri to “call my wife”, it knows who in your contacts list to ring. To set this up open a contact, then press Edit in the top right hand corner. Scroll down to add field, then Related People and select how they are related to you. Alternatively you can tell Siri “Jean is my wife”, “My brother is John”. Also, tell Siri the address of where you live and where you work, and Siri can then remind you to do things when you leave or arrive at places.

Wi-Fi Sync

The iOS 5 feature means your devices can be activated without iTunes and you can sync the contents of your iPhone using Wi-Fi. To do this, just plug the cable into your computer, open up iTunes, select your device from the left, and scroll down and select ‘Sync with this device over Wi-Fi’. Then follow the set up process.


Another great feature is iCloud. This is like a hard drive in the sky, storing all your content, such as photos, apps and music. It keeps your email, contacts and calendars up to date across all your devices. No syncing and no management required. To take full advantage of iCloud you need to install an app on your computer. The setup process is easy enough, but it will take some time for the first synchronization if you’ve taken a lot of photos and videos. You can also customise exactly what gets uploaded and downloaded. Using these new features on your iPhone 4s will make your phone a much more useful device.

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