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The Future of Mobiles


Date: Tuesday 26th June 2012

Mobile technology has progressed leaps and bounds over the last 15 years with advances in both hardware and software, transforming our lives in ways that would not have been predicted 20 years ago. Only ten years ago it was hard to find a mobile phone with a built in camera, colour screen, touch screen and internet access, however now-a-days we take all these things for granted. There is still huge potential for future developments in mobile phones over the next 5 years. Future mobile phones are being considered as the ultimate multifunction device. With experts predicting that phones of the future could become remote controls for our lives, or that mobile phones may run our lives for us. With such a high rate of improvement over the last few years in both mobile phones and mobile communications, the possibilities for the future seem limitless.

What the future may hold

Nokia is the first to present their version of the future with the Nokia Morph. Nokia has claimed this phone could transform the user’s experience of day to day life. The concept has been designed by Tapani Tyhanen; director and head of Nokia's Research Center Laboratory in Cambridge. The Morph phone suggests that mobile phones of the future will incorporate transformability and transparency. In other words, the phones of the future will be able to bend, come in many shapes and sizes and you will be able to see through the device. Nokia believes that in the future the entire phone casing will be a display providing good accessibility for users and a great platform for people to use and navigate. The phone will include a wide range of high tech features including silicon microphones, speed and motion detectors, thermal detectors plus many more. This means the phone will be able to sense the environment, health and temperature of people nearby. The phone will be able to morph into different shapes so it can be used as a wide screen for watching videos on and a watch like bracelet that will clip around your wrist.

What to expect

Mobile phones of the future will be expected to incorporate the development of high resolution touch screens and better quality speed recognition. They will also be expected to feature much bigger memory and storage to accommodate for the amount of media people are starting to use. Social networking has become a huge part of the public’s day to day life in the 21st century and will continue to grow. Mobile phones are also starting to incorporate fast internet browsing and built in GPS to provide location information of yourself and people around you. In the near future mobile phones will encourage interpersonal interaction, in both social and business scenarios.

The future today

Although most of what is mentioned is unthinkable to most at present, it may be hitting the high street sooner than you think.

You can give your current mobile phone a futuristic feel by personalising it. A great way of doing this is through giving your phone a personalised mobile number. This gives your phone that unique touch and although it doesn’t affect your handset it can definitely give you or your business the professional, personal touch.

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