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The Newest Luxury Smartphone


Date: Monday 25th February 2013

Many people would not have heard of Vertu, a mobile and smartphone designer, manufacturer and distributer from the UK. But they have been making huge headlines lately with the release of their newest smartphone, powered by Android.

The Vertu Ti has a 3.7” sapphire crystal screen, which is practically scratch proof, with an 8mp rear and 1.3mp front facing cameras, along with 1080p HD video capture. This is practically the perfect all-round media phone, but with the added elegant oomph of ultimate luxury.

It isn’t just the screen that’s amazingly tough; a titanium casing surrounds the Ti, which makes this smartphone one of the most incredibly durable ones available on the market.

With the Ti, you get the most clear symphonic sound on any phone ever made, with musical from the London symphony orchestra and tuned in collaboration with Band and Olufsen.

Every single Vertu Ti is handmade in England by a single craftsman, J. T. Bridge, who carefully constructs the 184 individual elements, and finishes by signing every single phone.

The love, care and dedication that goes into every single Vertu TI phone, along with the top of the range specs and fast Android is justification enough for its price tag.

One of the greatest benefits of having this phone is the new Vertu Key, which provides the user with a round-the-clock service, connecting them to a “curated world of benefits” and team of people anywhere in the world.

You’ll be very hard pressed to see any of these phones in general use on the streets of England, as the majority of them are sold in Asia, but you can always contact a UK boutique if you’re interested in buying one.

A phone such as this, which handles all aspects of personal and professional life, is nothing without a personalised phone number to really top off the whole luxurious lifestyle.

If you have to ask what the price of this phone is, you probably can’t afford it.

But £7,000 is the answer.

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