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Which Gold Mobile Numbers are right for me?


Date: Monday 22nd July 2013

Here at Unique Sims, we understand that not everyone can afford their dream mobile phone number. We also understand that many people want to get that perfect number and are not affected by budgeting at all.

To cater for every person’s needs, we have categorised our mobile numbers according to both budget and type, letting you browse the right category and find the mobile number perfect for you.

The range kicks off with silver mobile phone numbers, these numbers are the most affordable in our range. The silver mobile phone numbers allow you to have a great mobile phone number at the lowest possible prices. All of our silver mobile numbers can be ported or transferred over to your chosen network, regardless of whether you are on contract or pay as you go. Prices typically start at around the £50 mark.

The next step up the mobile phone number ladder is the gold mobile phone number. These gold mobile phone numbers start at around the £80 mark and go up to roughly £400. There are also a number of offers on gold mobile phone numbers which aren’t to be missed; often the savings can be £50 or more. Of course, all of the gold numbers can be ported or transferred onto your chosen network provider, whether you are on contract or pay as you go, it makes no difference.

Whilst both silver and gold mobile phone numbers are unique, if you are a business owner and want your telephone number to stand out, then platinum numbers are the place to start. Prices typically start at around £175 and can be anywhere up to £500, depending on how memorable and repetitive the number is. As with the gold mobile phone numbers, there are a number of cut-price platinum numbers available.

If you are looking for something really different, Unique Sims’ range of special numbers is just for you. Prices start at around £250 and go up to around £2,000. With discount available of up to £300 there are some absolute bargains available! These numbers really are special and completely unique. If you spot a number you like online, the rest is easy. You can purchase any number easily thanks to our online checkout service. If we do not have the number you require, use the mobile phone number request service and we will see what we can do!

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